From SNL to The Fugitive: Check Out This Podcast

I had a great conversation about storytelling and presentation skills and other topics with writer, speaker and communications consultant Donna Papacosta. It’s all captured in this podcast on her siteĀ at Trafalgar Communications. We talk about some of the classic lessons from my book, including: The power of stories. How to cut to the chase in […]

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Sharpen Your Storytelling — A Quick Lesson from Ronald Reagan

Whether you think Ronald Reagan was a great communicator or THE great communicator or simply a decent one, the man knew how to tell a story and land a joke. A great example is the now-legendary moment during a 1984 debate with Walter Mondale. For those who weren’t alive or sentient then, there was a […]

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3-Part Story Structure

In Storytelling, Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Storytelling is both deceptively simple and deceptively complex. That is, people either underestimate or overestimate its difficulty. As a result, some people get intimidated and don’t believe they can tell a decent story. Others are undeterred, and go around claiming their anecdotes and accounts of their everyday travails are actual stories. So striking the right […]

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How to tell a story

Three Things Every (Real) Story Must Have

The ancient art of storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication. If that’s news to anybody on the planet I would be absolutely shocked. Yet I see story after story about the science of storytelling. How we respond to them on an unconscious level. How they activate our brain. But rarely do […]

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