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Whatever your business goals, Rob Biesenbach will help you transform your communications to achieve more success.

Through inspiring keynotes, practical training and hands-on consulting, Rob helps organizations and individuals advance their business goals.

Let Rob help you craft your message, tell your story and share it with the world.

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Who is Rob Biesenbach?

  • Award-winning consultant who’s spent more than 25 years helping Fortune 500 companies communicate with more purpose, power and impact.
  • Second City trained actor who brings a performer’s sensibility to keynotes and training so audiences are not just informed but entertained.
  • Creative talent who helps organizations and individuals capitalize on the power of storytelling to cut through the clutter and achieve their goals.
  • Former vice president at Ogilvy PR, press secretary to a state attorney general and nonprofit and association executive who puts his broad experience to work helping diverse clients solve their communication problems.
  • Author of three fun, practical books that apply principles from the world of performance to help business people communicate more persuasively and confidently.

“Required Reading for Every Fortune 500 CEO”

Tim Schellhardt, SVP, Edelman Public Relations and former Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

“I am frequently asked why I don’t write the ultimate authoritative book on presentation skills. I reply, ‘Why would I? Rob has already written it!’ I highly recommend 11 Deadly Presentation Sins.”

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach and Past President, NSA

“ Rob unpacks those insanely hard to master ‘soft skills’ in an entertaining, educational, and wonderfully thought-provoking book! [Act Like You Mean Business]”

Bob Kulhan, CEO, Business Improvisations LLC

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Giving a speech involves dozens of critical details that need to be managed to ensure success. Big issues like getting a handle on the audience’s priorities and needs. And smaller details like bringing the right adaptors.

Any of these can easily make or break your presentation, so don’t leave anything to chance! Memories are faulty, and it’s easy for the little things to slip through the cracks.

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