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Step Away From the PowerPoint!

Everyone in your organization is in the business of persuasion, whether they’re selling to customers, driving strategy, leading teams or convincing people to wipe down the microwave after their breakfast burrito explodes.

The struggle is real, and you won’t get there with dull data dumps, muddled messaging, impersonal interactions, or one more Dilbert cartoon.

Rob Biesenbach will help your people overcome the clumsy communication practices that cause employees, customers and other critical audiences to tune out and turn off. He’ll equip them with the latest tools and techniques, from powerful storytelling to presentation mastery, so they can connect in a truly meaningful way with those they wish to influence.

That means closing more sales, driving employee performance, fueling growth and even achieving break room peace in our time.

Rob’s consulting, speaking and training work is delivered in-person and virtually.


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Why Hire Rob Biesenbach?

  • Trusted: chosen by clients including AARP, Allstate, Deloitte and Lockheed Martin.
  • Popular: routinely rated among the top speakers by conference attendees. “With Seth Godin, best of conference for me!”
  • Experienced: as a former VP at Ogilvy PR, press secretary to a statewide elected official, and nonprofit and association executive, Rob has been there and done that. He understands your audience’s problems and how to solve them.
  • Substantive: Rob understands that motivation is a tool, not a goal. He offers practical tools participants can use right away to grow their business, drive performance, motivate teams, build their brand and more.
  • Entertaining: as a Second City trained actor and improviser, Rob keeps audiences engaged through story, humor, energy, and interaction.
  • Authoritative: Rob has counseled hundreds of CEOs and other leaders and authored three books that use lessons from the world of show business to help people succeed in their business.
  • Virtual: highly skilled in presenting virtually, and as energizing and dynamic as it gets online.
  • Easy: a breeze to work with.

For more, check out the Top Ten Reasons to Hire Rob Biesenbach.

“Required Reading for Every Fortune 500 CEO”

Tim Schellhardt, SVP, Edelman Public Relations and former Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

“I am frequently asked why I don’t write the ultimate authoritative book on presentation skills. I reply, ‘Why would I? Rob has already written it!’ I highly recommend 11 Deadly Presentation Sins.”

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach and Past President, NSA

“ Rob unpacks those insanely hard to master ‘soft skills’ in an entertaining, educational, and wonderfully thought-provoking book! [Act Like You Mean Business]”

Bob Kulhan, CEO, Business Improvisations LLC

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