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Trust Rob Biesenbach

Treat Every Communication Like a Performance

Rob’s engaging approach offers an actionable roadmap to communication success.

Combining 25 years of experience as a communications professional with the performance skills of a Second City-trained actor, Rob keeps audiences engaged and entertained while also providing a practical, no-nonsense roadmap they can use to transform their communications.

Is your group struggling to develop skills to:

  • Connect more successfully with customers?
  • Rally and motivate teams?
  • Turn business strategy into action?
  • Translate technical concepts into compelling messages?
  • Communicate more constructively with colleagues?
  • Deliver more compelling presentations?
  • Express ideas more effectively?

The key is to treat every communication like a performance – every meeting, presentation or interaction. By treating it like a performance, and adopting the techniques actors use to make the most of that performance, your people will be better equipped to persuade, sell and compel. Rob can help you discover how to do just that.

Rob’s programs can be delivered either in-person or virtually.

Help Your People Become More Skilled, Confident Communicators

Enable Them to Drive Organizational Performance, Lead More Effectively and Advance Their Careers

After a keynote or virtual presentation from Rob Biesenbach, your people will be better able to:

  • Win more business and close more sales
  • Strengthen relationships with employees, customers, and other key audiences
  • Communicate with more impact
  • Align people around a strategy and influence them to act
  • Rally teams and lead them into battle
  • Build the organization’s reputation and brand
  • Mollify critics and sway skeptics
  • Advance their own careers

Find the Perfect Presentation for Your Group

Training Programs for PR Pros,
Corporate Communicators
and Marketers

Professional communicators face special challenges. Not only do they have to keep up with the latest techniques and trends, they need to counsel their executive leaders, clients and other non-communicators on effective communication. For this audience, Rob tailors his programs and goes beyond the essentials to provide advanced learning along with strategies PR pros can use to bring out the best communication in others.

Discover More

Group Presentation and
Speaker Training

What if your teams could break free of the tired old templates and the Death by PowerPoint style of presenting? What If they could truly engage audiences with compelling content and flawless delivery technique?

What kind of results could they get?

Through personalized presentation training, they would be better able to successfully:

  • Pitch and win more business
  • Motivate employees and align them with strategy
  • Get approval for programs and budgets
  • Promote your brand in the marketplace
  • Strengthen their reputation and that of your organization

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