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Rob helps organizations and individuals cut through the clutter to tell their story more effectively and achieve their business goals.

  • If you’re an individual, he arms you with practical techniques you can use to become a more skilled, confident communicator so you can enjoy more success in the workplace, the marketplace and your everyday life.
  • If you’re a company or other organization, Rob devises creative strategies, develops content (everything from key messages to speeches to video scripts), and provides training to help you and your people better engage customers, drive employee performance and build your business. 

Whatever your industry or profession, you can trust that Rob brings direct experience from more than 25 years in business working with Fortune 500 companies, startups, nonprofits, associations and government agencies. His diverse experience includes automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the law, consulting and professional services, among other sectors.

Rob is a senior-level counselor and a hands-on implementer. He’s equally comfortable navigating the C-suite or banging out a speech.

Speaker Consulting Services

A great presentation can help you win business, gain approval for programs and budgets, align and motivate a team and build your reputation in the workplace and the marketplace. So it’s worth doing right!

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Extreme Presentation
Makeover Package

With Rob’s guidance, you will overhaul your content and transform your delivery technique so that you can become an even more skilled, confident presenter and avoid the mistakes that can derail even the most seasoned speakers.

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Corporate Consulting Services

Message Development

A solid platform of key messages that are clear, credible, compelling and consistent – across audiences and over time.

Creative Direction

Make your meetings, conferences, videos and campaigns more successful and memorable by injecting creativity, storytelling and humor – all while reinforcing key messages.

Content Creation

Speeches, video scripts, annual reports, employee communications and web copy that cut through the clutter and engage your target audiences.

Employee Engagement

Strategies and tactics that align, unify, motivate and activate your workforce.

Change Management Communications

Messages, strategies and tactics to provide reassurance, clear direction and build confidence in times of uncertainty, from restructurings to leadership changes to technology migrations.

Labor Union Campaigns

Strategies and tactics to address the short-term crisis of a union organizing campaign while laying the groundwork for a long-term solution – an environment of trust and partnership between employees and management.

Crisis Communications

Calm counsel and clear messages to reassure employees, shareholders, customers and the public during times of strife, from product recalls to earnings restatements to business disruptions.

Employer Branding

Strategies to help your business stand out in the marketplace as the employer of choice, attract the best and brightest talent and turn your own people into credible ambassadors.

Legal Marketing

Messages and materials tuned to the specialized needs of law firms: ad copy, marketing materials, annual reports, firm and practice brochures, videos, partner communications, employer branding initiatives.

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