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Rob Biesenbach

How Can I Help You?

The first thing I tell clients when working on any communication is, “This is not about you, it’s about them — your audience.” So enough about me; let’s talk about you and how I can help make your life better:

  • If you’re looking for a different kind of speaker for your next event — one who delivers practical insights in a fun and entertaining way, both virtually and in-person — here’s everything you need to know about my keynotes and other programs.
  • If you’ve got a big presentation coming up or one of your leaders is working on an important speech, I can help ensure that the content and delivery combine to make a big impact through my speaker consulting services.
  • If you’re trying to figure out the best way to get your story across to employees or customers, I offer consulting on strategy, messaging and tactics to cut through the clutter and engage meaningfully with your audience.
  • If you want fresh insights on how to become a more skilled, confident communicator, you can check out my books, videos or blog.
  • And, hey, if you’re looking for a commercial spokesman who’s more than a pretty face, I do some acting, too.

If you want someone who’s easy to work with, my clients usually describe me as responsive, reliable, fast, sensitive to budgets, able to get things done right the first time, and fun.

A Passion for Communication

I am passionate about the written and spoken word. From creative writing classes in grade school, to college journalism, to a long career writing and speaking, it’s what I do and love best (which is no coincidence — the two usually go together).

An old boss of mine used to drop by my office with a letter or memo she was working on, hoping that I could dress it up and, in her words, “make it sing.” I’ve never forgotten that image. To me, words are music. Capturing just the right rhythm and tempo of the language has been a lifelong joy.

If you like the writing on this website, you’ll like the work I can do for you. Let’s talk!

What’s Rob’s Story?

I’m fighting to put an end to dull, ordinary communications, from Death by PowerPoint to slipshod storytelling. And I’m doing it one consulting engagement, one workshop and one book at a time.

How did I get here? Most of my career has been spent in corporate communications, as a vice president at Ogilvy PR, press secretary to a state attorney general and a nonprofit and association executive in Washington, DC. For almost 20 years I’ve worked independently, counseling a range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

In the early 2000s, I decided to scratch a lifelong itch for performing and signed up for classes at Chicago’s famed Second City Training Center. Studying improv and sketch comedy quickly turned from a passion to a full-fledged second career. I went on to perform in theater and in front of the camera, ultimately appearing in nearly 200 stage, film and commercial productions.

Then a funny thing happened. The more I studied and performed the more I realized that business and acting are not so different. They both require you to connect with audiences, express yourself convincingly and tell compelling stories.

That revelation became the basis of my books, presentations, workshops and consulting: to use principles from the world of show business to help people succeed in their business.

Today I consult with clients including Astellas, Country Financial, Quaker and Walgreens. I travel across the country and around the world conducting presentations and workshops for organizations including AARP, Allstate, Deloitte and Lockheed Martin. I write fun, practical books that apply principles from the world of performance to help business people communicate more persuasively and confidently.

And I still appear in the occasional commercial or print campaign for companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield, BMO Harris, Scottrade and Siemens.

On the personal side, I’m a lifelong late bloomer. I got married for the first (and last!) time a few years ago and my wife and I now have two adorable young children. I live in the beautiful town of Evanston just outside Chicago, and am available for speaking and consulting engagements worldwide.

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