Storytelling Tip: Small Moments

Advanced Storytelling Tip: Locate the Small Moments

Here’s an important storytelling tip that will vastly improve the impact of your stories. It’s all about finding the moments. In my workshops and consulting, people often come up with the broad brushstrokes of a perfectly functional story. The problem is, it’s too broad. The devil is in the details. And the right details can […]

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tell your story on LinkedIn

How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn

If you want to stand out from the crowd in the marketplace, you need to be able to tell your story on LinkedIn. After all, storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to influence and persuade an audience. Take a look at your LinkedIn profile and put yourself in the shoes of a potential […]

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Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister on the Power of Storytelling

I could (and do) cite studies all day long pointing to the power of storytelling. Like how the brain blurs the line between stories and experience, how stories activate our brains in ways favorable to persuasion, and how stories stick. But in my next speech or workshop, I’m not going to bother with any of that. […]

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Happy First Birthday to Unleash!

Hard to believe it was a year ago today that Unleash the Power of Storytelling was unleashed on the world. My latest book has not only exceeded my expectations, but it’s also exceeded the sales of my first two books combined. (Which says something either about the high level of interest in storytelling or the quality of […]

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emotional storytelling

Sergio Marchionne and the Power of Emotional Storytelling

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne died unexpectedly last week. It was a great loss — for the company that he helped rescue from the brink, and for his family and friends, of course. In my latest book I wrote about an electric moment in Chrysler’s history where Marchionne took the stage and demonstrated the power […]

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How to create a story

How to Create a Story: a 5-step Process

Study after study confirms that stories have unparalleled power to captivate audiences and persuade them to act in our favor. But how do you go about crafting a story? Here’s a step-by-step guide that will show you how to create a story that will help you win hearts, change minds and get the results you […]

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How to use stories in a presentation

How to Use Stories in a Presentation: 6 Tips

The worst presenter I ever saw did everything wrong, from not understanding his audience to lecturing instead of engaging us to turning the session into one long sales pitch. Worst of all, his talk was nothing but data — endless columns of it, packed onto dense, ugly slides. There was no narrative holding his points […]

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storytelling mistakes

5 More Fatal Mistakes Storytellers Make

Last year I outlined 10 fatal storytelling mistakes — common ways we undermine the power of our stories — and now I’m back with five more. They all center around one big theme: simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Storytelling does not have to be that difficult. But we tend to make it hard on ourselves. Here are some common […]

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stories persuasion

Why Stories are the Key to Persuasion

What can an elephant teach us about the art of persuasion? Plenty. Emotion is the six-ton beast stomping all over our desire for logical, rational thought. And that’s why stories are such an effective tool for influencing and persuading others. What’s Emotion Got to Do With It? We are not creatures of reason. Deep down, we make […]

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50+ Storytelling Tips to Fuel Your Success

Want to learn how to use stories to win hearts, change minds and get the results you want from your business, your career and your life? Here are more than 50 of the most important storytelling tips from my new book, Unleash the Power of Storytelling. These are compiled from a long series of tweets over five weeks surrounding the […]

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