Stupid Marketing Tricks

Stupid Marketing Tricks: My Fatal Five

I’m not a particularly difficult person to get along with, but there are certain practices in the marketing and PR field that give us all a bad name. They rise to the level of Stupid Marketing Tricks. So whether you’re marketing your business or just marketing yourself, here are my pet peeves, dealbreakers and don’t-go-theres. […]

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Has Tragedy Tweeting Gone Too Far?

In the wake of every national tragedy, from shootings to natural disasters, it happens like clockwork — celebrities and companies and everyday folk tweet their thoughts and prayers to the victims. There’s an interesting debate over “tragedy tweeting” at Arik Hanson’s┬áCommunication Conversations blog, and I admit it amounts to somewhat of a “damned if you […]

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Tweeting in a Time of Frenzy

I honestly don’t know how some social media “stars” keep up with it — tweeting, blogging, Facebooking constantly throughout the day. I’m fortunate to work for myself, and on days when I’m not in meetings or on a hot deadline, I can keep up okay. But in the past couple of months I’ve been traveling […]

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3 Things I Hate About Twitter

3 Things I Hate About Your Tweets

I am far from a social media expert, but there are three things Twitter users do that drive me insane and that absolutely violate fundamental principles of good communication. 1. Auto Tweets I understand it’s an efficient way for busy people to schedule out their tweets over the course of a day, but it’s important […]

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