Why PR People Are So Miserable

Why Are PR People So Miserable?

Much has been written about the PR business being such a stressful occupation. Lots of reasons are cited, from slashed budgets to demanding clients to cranky reporters. And while I tend to believe that much of this stress is exaggerated (these are, after all, PR people talking), there’s one major source of stress that’s often overlooked. Many PR people — especially […]

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PR Is Only As Stressful As You Make It

For years, “PR executive” has been listed high among the most stressful occupations — Number 2, in fact. Yes, I know — take that, neurosurgeons and air traffic controllers! This year, somehow, it dropped all the way down to Number 7, behind soldiers, firefighter, cops and, um, event planners. (One of those things is not […]

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Language is the Mother of Thought

Right now I’m reading Cleopatra: A Life, which is excellent so far. In it I found this pearl of wisdom handed down from Cicero: “As reason is the glory of man, so the lamp of reason is eloquence.” No offense to Cicero — he was clearly no slouch — but that is obviously the traditional view […]

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