From SNL to The Fugitive: Check Out This Podcast

Trafcom News PodcastI had a great conversation about storytelling and presentation skills and other topics with writer, speaker and communications consultant Donna Papacosta. It’s all captured in this podcast on her site at Trafalgar Communications.

We talk about some of the classic lessons from my book, including:

  • The power of stories.
  • How to cut to the chase in your storytelling — a lesson from The Fugitive.
  • What SNL’s Lorne Michaels has to say about perfection being the enemy of the good.
  • Presentation lessons from Steve Jobs, a master showman.
  • How many hours you should devote to rehearsing a speech.
  • What TED Talks have to teach us.
  • Syndrome, and how to avoid it.
  • Why everyone should take an improv class at some point in their life.
  • How acting can help you be more genuine and authentic.

It’s a fun, brisk conversation. Importantly, it clocks in at under 25 minutes, which is a great lesson from Donna. I always get a little discouraged when I start playing a podcast and it’s an hour long.

And it’s an honor to be among the great company of her other guests, including Mitch Joel and Shel Israel.

So check out the Trafcom News Podcast.