‘My’ is the Rudest Word

Madonna gave an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes the other night in which she used the word “my” six times in just a minute and thirty-nine seconds. *

My writers. My co-producer. My leading lady. My film. My, my, my …

I was taught by a very proper Southern Lady (the mother of a college friend down in Virginia) that you were never to use the word “my” when referring to your staff or employees. They are not things, and they are not yours. They are people.

It just sounds really arrogant and presumptuous.¬†And I hear people in both my worlds — business and acting — do it all the time. My staff, my cast …

How do you get around it? You say, “The film’s writers” or “the co-producer.” A little wordier, yes. Maybe a bit clumsy. But so much more humble-sounding.

Try it and see!