Escape From PowerPoint Hell

Few skills are more important in business or in life than the ability to present your ideas in clear and compelling terms. Yet most people are not very good presenters. They put their audiences through a veritable hell on earth with a multitude of sins, from listless delivery to lackluster content, from meandering stories to mundane visuals.

A solid presentation can help you:

  • Win approval for your projects and budgets
  • Close a sale with a customer
  • Earn a raise
  • Get a job
  • Boost your reputation in the marketplace
  • And much more …

11 Deadly Presentation Sins offers a path to redemption for public speakers, PowerPoint users and anyone who has to get up and speak in front of an audience

What exactly are the 11 Deadly Presentation Sins? Here’s the list.

“We’ve all committed the 11 deadly presentation sins on the way up in our careers. This insightful book will help make sure that your way up doesn’t become the way down!”

– Dr. Nick Morgan, author of Give Your Speech, Change the World

More Than 100 Practical Tips

This fun, practical guide is packed with more than 100 indispensable tips you can use right away in your next presentation to help you:

  • Analyze your audience’s needs and concerns
  • Open with a bang instead of a whimper
  • Focus and structure your content
  • Deliver a truly energetic performance
  • Make the most of body language
  • Finish strong
  • Find, shape and tell stories that command attention
  • Tap into emotion to win hearts and change minds
  • Create compelling visuals to support your words
  • Engage audiences with interaction and dialogue
  • Plan and prepare for any contingency

Did We Mention Fun?

11 Deadly Presentation Sins combines lessons from the worlds of business and entertainment to help you give the performance of your life. You’ll learn from Seth Godin and Star Trek, Romeo & Juliet and Ricky Gervais, Steve Jobs and Saturday Night Live.

Whether you’re talking to colleagues, customers or the community, in a boardroom, ballroom or church basement, you’ll come away with the confidence and skills you need when all eyes are on you.

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