How to Nail Your Next Virtual Presentation

With millions of people working from home right now due to the coronavirus, it’s a safe bet that many of us are going to be leading or taking part in more and more virtual presentations and online meetings.

So I put together this 35-minute video tutorial designed to take the pain out of online communication:

You can also get this free 35-point checklist to make you’ve got all the bases covered.

Virtual Presentations are Harder Than Ever

Virtual presentations are hard enough. But doing them from home raises the difficulty level. We may lack the fancy technology we’re accustomed to at the office and we’re dealing with disruptions like screaming kids, barking dogs and noisy neighbors.

Not to mention the physical isolation that is especially hard on extroverts!

A Virtual Presentation Crash Course to Guide You

The video will ground you in the key principles of virtual presenting and guide you through the whole process from start-to-finish.

It covers the essentials of planning your content (both spoken and visual) and adapting your delivery for maximum impact online. It also offers solutions to some of the technical hurdles associated with presenting from home.

And when our world eventually gets back to normal, all the strategies and tactics presented here are applicable to “ordinary” virtual (and actual) presentations.

You’ll come away more prepared, comfortable and confident every time you lead an online meeting or virtual presentation.

Watch it for Free

I wanted to make this resource as simple and widely available as possible, so I just put online, with no gateways, passwords, sign-ups or other hoops to jump through.

Just watch the embed or click here for my Virtual Presentation Crash Course and you’ll be on your way to becoming an even more effective online presenter.

And Now: Download Your Free Virtual Presentation Checklist

And if you’re looking for all the tips in one simple place, I’ve put together this Virtual Presentation Checklist, packed with 35 indispensable tips for creating and delivering a successful presentation. Download it for free now.

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