Developing and Delivering a Speech is Hard

Most business people don’t like to do speeches and presentations, often waiting until the last minute to throw something together — and it shows!

Speechwriting is a specialized skill that often eludes even accomplished communicators. Among the challenges:

  • Figuring out how to structure the content for maximum audience understanding
  • Looking at the material objectively so you know what to cut and what to keep
  • How to tap into your personal experience and stories in order to connect with the audience
  • Ensuring that your slides reinforce your content instead of distracting from it
  • Finding time not only to compose the presentation but to adequately practice it

How Rob Can Help

Rob Biesenbach will work with you to frame your messages, structure the content, map out the visuals and rehearse your delivery. He’ll draw on his experience writing hundreds of speeches for CEOs and other executives and delivering keynote speeches himself. He’s especially adept at:

  • Putting himself in the shoes of the audience to ensure the content is responsive to their needs
  • Sorting through complex information and organizing them into a coherent framework
  • Capturing the “voice” of the speaker
  • Drawing out the stories necessary to amplify the content
  • Working with each speaker to bring out their best performance in accordance with their natural style and personality

How You’ll Work Together

Rob will typically work with a speaker from beginning to end, identifying goals, brainstorming messages, developing the content and coaching on delivery technique. It’s not a quick process and can often span months.

If you’re looking for quick answers, this is not the place. An hour or two of coaching is only enough to scratch the surface — we can identify a few problems and suggest a couple of remedies. If that’s all you want, Rob can do that. Just don’t expect miracles.

There is, however, a solution that lies between the months-long engagement and the quick coaching session. It’s the Extreme Presentation Makeover package, and it takes the intensity and detailed, personalized feedback of a consulting engagement and compresses it into a shorter, more manageable timeframe.

For Rob’s

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