Discover How to Transform Your Content and Delivery Technique to Inspire Audience Action

Presentation training is for everyone — not just the novices who are petrified of public speaking. Even seasoned executives need to stay on top of the latest trends. TED Talks have raised the bar for speakers of every kind, including everyday PowerPoint users. Audiences today expect brevity, story, emotional impact, energy and visual elegance, among other things.

Those who fail to deliver on those expectations risk losing the audience and damaging their reputation. Nobody wants to appear out of touch or behind the times.

Rob’s presentation training sessions combine:

  • Prepared lessons tailored to each group’s needs based on client prioritization of a 20-point Training Skills Menu.
  • Mock presentations by participants where they get immediate feedback from Rob and their peers. The presentations are recorded on video so participants can review their performance.
  • Written materials, including a comprehensive 30-page workbook to supplement learning, an 11-point diagnostic checklist, and a paperback copy of the book 11 Deadly Presentations Sins, which offers practical steps for overcoming the most common mistakes that can derail presentations.

Rob’s programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.

You’ll Walk Away With Knowledge Of…

  • Six keys to understanding and connecting with your audience
  • How to open with a bang instead of a whimper
  • How to structure your content for maximum audience understanding
  • Finding and shaping stories that win hearts and change minds
  • Tapping into the persuasive power of emotion
  • Creating slides that underscore your message instead of distracting from it
  • Turning up the energy to keep the audience engaged
  • Making the most of body language
  • Ways to encourage and manage audience interaction, including Q&A
  • The importance of practice and rehearsal and key preparation techniques
  • Strategies for overcoming nerves and recovering from mistakes
  • How to finish strong to leave a lasting impression
  • And a lot more …

In the end, participants come away with practical tips that will help them create more persuasive content and give them a more powerful stage presense

Gain greater confidence and skill for the next time you present. Get Rob’s guidance today!