A Presentation is a High Stakes Opportunity

A presentation is not about delivering information. It’s about strengthening your business, your brand and the relationships that are critical to your success. It’s your #1 tool for persuasion and influence.

If you’re not getting the reaction you want from employees, customers and other stakeholders, if you’re having trouble breaking free from dry data dumps, if you envy a peer who makes it all seem so effortless … then  it’s time to get serious about your presentation skills.

You need more than tips on what to do with your hands. You need help positioning yourself as a trusted authority.

How Rob Can Help

Drawing on his experience working with hundreds of CEOs and other executives, Rob will help you:

  • Define your platform — who you are, what you stand for and what you bring to the table.
  • Translate that into a simple message framework that persuades, sells and compels.
  • Analyze and understand your audiences’ needs, interests and objections.
  • Sort through all the content and organize it into a coherent structure that ensures audience comprehension and buy-in.
  • Tap into the personal experiences and stories that help you break down walls and build trust.
  • Ensure that your visuals reinforce your content instead of distracting from it.
  • Bring out your very best performance by fixing the hidden habits and tics — physically and vocally — that undermine your authority.

You’ll come away with the skills and confidence you need to seize the spotlight and make a measurable impact — anytime, anywhere, in front of any audience.

How You’ll Work Together

Rob will typically work with a speaker from beginning to end, identifying goals, brainstorming messages, c0-developing the content and coaching on delivery technique. It’s not a quick process and can often span months.

If you’re looking for quick answers, this is not the place. An hour or two of coaching is only enough to scratch the surface — we can identify a few problems and suggest a couple of remedies. If that’s all you want, Rob can do that. Just don’t expect miracles.

There is, however, a solution that lies between the months-long engagement and the quick coaching session. It’s the Extreme Presentation Makeover package, and it takes the intensity and detailed, personalized feedback of a consulting engagement and compresses it into a shorter, more manageable timeframe.

For Rob’s

Start working with Rob today and transform the way you present.