Top Organizations
Rob Biesenbach

“an incredibly engaging and interactive presentation…he specifically prepared for our audience.”

Emily Basteen, Feeding America

“A thoughtful and inspiring presenterengages his audiences in a thought-provoking, new, creative way of storytelling.”

Craig Davis, AARP

“…Simply spectacular and the highlight of our program…”

Claire Hassett, Deloitte Touche

“Our high expectations were absolutely exceeded! Rob left his audiences with inspiration to make their presentations come to life.”

Rachel Pridgen, Northwestern University Alumni Relations

“His take on writing, speaking, and overall communications strategy is fresh and inspired me to approach my work differently.”

Jill Weiskopf, International Association of Business Communicators, Philadelphia

“A rare talent who can negotiate both the creative audience and the corporate one.”

Kate Stevenson, International Association of Business Communicators, Chicago

“…extremely well-attended, thoroughly engaging and informative…”

Emily Holland White, Georgetown University

“…a great job infusing humor and fun into an informative half-day session…”

Emily Ford, Alaska Energy Authority

“An expert at helping leaders think through their goals, strategy and positioning, crafting effective messages, and structuring and developing compelling content.

Steve Koppel, Vice President, One Smooth Stone

Rob was instrumental in helping us focus on the essential information, frame it in a way that connects with our audience, and improve our delivery.

Jerry Mills, Founder and Partner, B2B CFO

Great tips to improve my delivery, slides, and even some of the content itself. The event went great, and Rob’s advice played a major role in my success.

Tony Gnau, Founder & Chief Storytelling Officer, T60 Productions

“Rob helped me boil down and simplify our highly technical content and add a more “human” touch by bringing out the story and emotion behind the data. He also provided intensive coaching on my presentation technique.”

Thomas Weber, President, Jupiter Oxygen

“We asked Rob to come in and do presentation training for our client, a major U.S. manufacturer, and some of their brightest young engineers.  After a full-day session, the participants reported a significant increase in their ability to communicate effectively and confidently.

Melissa Mathews, Founder & President, The Mathews Group

“People are still buzzing about the training: among some of our team, Rob’s name has officially become a verb, as in ‘I’m going to Biesenbach this thing!’”

Insurance & Financial Services Organization

“Rob did an amazing job communicating and preparing for the event…Our attendees loved him...”

Warren Pickett, LeadsCon Events

“Rob was great to work with. He made sure he knew the audience and touched on subjects that resonated with them…”

Pon Angara, American Marketing Association

“Despite AV challenges, Rob kept his cool and humor…I was beyond impressed. He was fantastic!”

Heidi Fendos, Public Relations Society of America

…a master at connecting with the audience…just darn fun to be around…”

Jane Hazard, International Association of Business Communicators

“Rob had us all engaged from his first words. His insights are original, actionable and entertaining.”

Chris Sculles, President, McGuffin Creative Group

“He delighted and surprised us, and, most of all, included us.”

Susan Geffen, Columbia College

“A refreshing change… Rob energizes the crowd with humor and fun interaction…”

Jack Monson, Public Relations Society of America, Chicago

Immediately riveting and so informative. I was glued to my seat…

Andrea Schafer, Public Relations Society of America, Western District