A Sure Path to Communicating With More Impact and Influence

Whether your goal is to close a sale, rally a team, sway a skeptic or advance your career, this program is for you.

This Special Package includes:

  1. one-on-one online session in which we identify the limitations that are preventing you from making the best possible impact on your audience. You will deliver a 15-to-20-minute portion of your presentation and I will provide immediate feedback on your effectiveness as a presenter.
  2. You will then receive a written point-by-point critique offering detailed recommendations on how to improve your content and delivery technique. I will also review your presentation slides and give you guidance on how to revise and reformat the words and images for maximum impact.
  3. Once you’ve absorbed and implemented the feedback, we will conduct a second online session in which you will present your revised content and I will provide additional feedback to help you refine and perfect your presentation.


BONUSES. You will also receive:

  • Full recordings of both online sessions so you can compare your “before and after” performance, see your progress and continue to review the feedback received.
  • Access to me via email for 90 days to answer any additional questions that come up.
  • An 11-point Presentation checklist to help ensure success every time you present.
  • comprehensive 30-page workbook: a hands-on guide to supplement your learning and for ongoing use as a self-study tool.
  • A paperback copy of my book11 Deadly Presentations Sins, which offers practical steps for overcoming the most common mistakes that can derail presentations.

Few things are more important to success than the ability to present our ideas in clear and compelling terms. A great presentation can help you win hearts, change minds and influence people to act.

Contact Rob to get started on becoming a more powerful, effective presenter.