Giving a speech involves dozens of critical details that need to be managed to ensure success. Big issues like getting a handle on the audience’s priorities and needs. And smaller details like bringing the right adaptors.

Any of these can easily make or break your presentation.

Don’t Leave Anything to Chance!

Memories are faulty, and it’s easy for the little thing to slip through the cracks.

Get these five comprehensive checklists to manage every phase of the speaking process. Based on the checklists I use, they’re designed for speakers of all levels.

Five Checklists for Every Phase of the Process

You get:

  • CHECKLIST #1: VET THE OPPORTUNITY. 28 questions you need to ask in order to decide whether the opportunity is right for you and how you will price it.
  • CHECKLIST #2: EXPLORE THE AUDIENCE, CONFIRM THE LOGISTICS. Once you’ve booked it, 10 critical questions to help you understand your audience and 5 pieces of information you need to nail down the vital logistics.
  • CHECKLIST #3: MANAGE THE ENGAGEMENT. Keep track of all the administrative details, from the initial client call to the final invoice and everything in between. 18 must-do items.
  • CHECKLIST #4: WHAT TO PACK. Don’t get caught flat-footed! A list of 18 items you need to pack to ensure you’re ready on the day of the event.
  • CHECKLIST #5: WHAT TO DO ON-SITE. Finally, it’s showtime! You’ve got too much on your mind to keep track of every single little detail. This 15-point checklist will help you tick off the little things so you can focus on the big ones.

Nearly 100 Must-do Items

That’s almost 100 must-do items that will help you stay on top of the details and put your mind at ease. That way, you can devote your energy to preparing and delivering the best possible presentation.

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