How to introduce a speaker

How to Introduce a Speaker: 8 Essential Steps

Most presenters—the professional ones, at least—work hard on preparing a speech that will delight and enthrall their audience. Unfortunately, the people assigned to introduce them don’t always put in the same effort. Having been there myself, I really feel for the speaker who suffers a bad introduction—one that’s uninspired, poorly written and carelessly delivered. If you ever […]

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Audience interaction

5 Way to Promote Audience Interaction in Your Next Speech

When it comes to public speaking, the age of the one-sided lecture is dead. Audiences today expect more of a conversation. Here are five ways to spur the kind of audience interaction that will bring your speech or presentation to life. 1. Take Questions The most obvious way to create a conversation is to set […]

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How to Recover From Mistakes When Giving a Speech

How to Recover From Mistakes During a Speech

Last week I was giving a really important speech and it almost went completely off the rails, due to technical and other issues. The only thing that saved me was my acting experience, which taught me how to recover from mistakes on stage. When you’re giving a speech or presentation, you have to be prepared […]

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Death by PowerPoint

Dull, Ugly Presentation? How to Cure Death by PowerPoint

Are your presentations ugly and boring? Do your slides lull people to sleep? Do your audiences suffer from Death by PowerPoint? Here are some warning signs to watch out for: You use your slides as a script. You follow a tired old formula like “6 lines of text per slide/6 words per line.” Your audience […]

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Practice Your Speech

Rehearse Your Speech, Early and Often

How long should you rehearse that big speech? How long have you got? The short answer is you should practice your presentation as much as you possibly can. Know your content backward, forward and sideways. There is no such thing as over-rehearsal. Here’s why and how. A Lesson From a Wedding My wife and I […]

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Bad Motivational Speaker

I Am Not a Motivational Speaker

Why would anyone ever hire a self-described “motivational speaker?” Would you hire a motivational accountant? One who makes you feel great about your vital role in the economy but may or may not help you avoid an IRS audit? How about a motivational plumber? Somebody who gets you fired up about drainage systems but can’t […]

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energetic public speaker

6 Steps to Becoming a More Energetic Public Speaker

Are you a low-key person? Reserved? Introverted? There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re unable to turn up the necessary energy when you hit the stage, it can make or break your success as a presenter or public speaker. That’s why low energy is one of the 11 deadly presentation sins and something you need to […]

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Public Speaking Tips

5 Advanced Public Speaking Tips from a Master

Last week I attended one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen in person and came away with some really important public speaking tips. Some of these are for advanced speakers, but they’re skills anyone can aspire to achieve. The occasion was a local chapter meeting of the National Speakers Association, and the speaker was […]

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Cut the Fat from your speech

How to Cut the Fat From Your Speech: 7 Tips

One of the best ways to surprise and delight an audience is to leave them wanting more. After all, nobody ever left a room saying, “I wish that speech had been longer!” So your first priority is to trim the fat and keep your presentation focused. The Incredible Shrinking Speech Slot In the age of the […]

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11 Deadly Sins Audiobook

Now on Sale: 11 Deadly Presentation Sins, The Audiobook!

The audiobook edition of 11 Deadly Presentation Sins is now on sale! So if you’re not the “reading type,” you can just sit back, listen, and learn how to become a more skilled and confident presenter—all in just two hours. If you’re suffering from stage fright, unsure of how to organize your ideas, tired of […]

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