storytelling mistakes

5 More Fatal Mistakes Storytellers Make

Last year I outlined 10 fatal storytelling mistakes — common ways we undermine the power of our stories — and now I’m back with five more. They all center around one big theme: simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Storytelling does not have to be that difficult. But we tend to make it hard on ourselves. Here are some common […]

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Emma Gonzalez and the Profound Power of Silence in a Speech

Wherever you stand on the issue of guns, it’s hard to deny the power of Emma Gonzalez’s short speech at the “March for Our Lives” rally last weekend. As many have remarked, it wasn’t just the things she said, but the long, dark empty space she left between the words. And with nothing but the greatest […]

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stories persuasion

Why Stories are the Key to Persuasion

What can an elephant teach us about the art of persuasion? Plenty. Emotion is the six-ton beast stomping all over our desire for logical, rational thought. And that’s why stories are such an effective tool for influencing and persuading others. What’s Emotion Got to Do With It? We are not creatures of reason. Deep down, we make […]

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50+ Storytelling Tips to Fuel Your Success

Want to learn how to use stories to win hearts, change minds and get the results you want from your business, your career and your life? Here are more than 50 of the most important storytelling tips from my new book, Unleash the Power of Storytelling. These are compiled from a long series of tweets over five weeks surrounding the […]

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Storytelling tips

Got 3 Hours? Become a Better Storyteller

The audiobook edition of Unleash the Power of Storytelling is now on sale! Learn how to use stories to advance your career, build your business and improve your life — all while driving or working out or shopping. Look for it at your favorite audiobook retailer: Amazon Audible iTunes Narrated by the Author (That’s Me) If you’ve […]

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how to tell stories

Now on Sale: Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Today’s the day! Your guide to using stories to advance your career, build your business and get more of what you want out of life is here! Unleash the Power of Storytelling is now available in ebook and paperback (and soon, on audiobook, narrated by me). I loved writing this book, and I hope you’ll […]

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Is the Tide Turning on Death by PowerPoint?

I was meeting with a new client the other day who was about to show me his PowerPoint deck for a presentation we’ll be working on together. He prefaced it by saying he tried to follow the recommendations in my book to emphasize images over words. My expectations in these situations aren’t super-high, and I […]

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Communication skills

7 Ways to Bring the Love in Your Communications

On this Valentine’s Day I’m reminded of an important principle of improv comedy: come from a place of love. That’s also useful advice for our everyday communications (and for life in general, of course). So here are seven ways you can bring the love in order to become a more successful communicator. But first, an […]

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Presentation Tips

Your Presentation is Like a Train, Not a Car

One of the most important keys to a successful presentation is forward momentum. Few things are more frustrating than listening to a speaker who zigs and zags, stops and starts and takes forever to get anywhere. I tell my clients to think of their presentation as a train, not a car. You have to drive […]

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5 things I hate about Facebook stories

5 Things I Hate About Facebook “Stories”

Through their constant tinkering, Facebook has foisted a lot of unpopular features on us over the years (Ticker, anyone?). But to me, the worst is the new Story function. Excuse me, “story.” Those should read as air quotes. The biggest, most sarcastic air quotes you’ve ever seen. Dr. Evil-style air quotes. Why has this feature earned […]

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