“Required reading for every Fortune 500 CEO.”

– Tim Schellhardt, SVP, Edelman Public Relations and former Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal

What can business people learn from actors and screenwriters and playwrights? Plenty, including how to:

  • Better understand and connect with your audience.
  • Find, shape and tell compelling stories that move people to act.
  • Express your ideas more creatively for greater impact.
  • Tap into the power of emotion to really break through.
  • Write more vividly and concisely.
  • Edit yourself and others.
  • Use humor safely and effectively.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • Overcome writer’s block, stage fright, and other obstacles.

Packed with anecdotes and stories from the world of performance and business, Act Like You Mean Business is an entertaining and informative read. It offers a wealth of advice for communicating more successfully in the workplace, the marketplace, and your everyday life.

Readers come away with practical tips to use whether you’re giving a presentation, sending an email, running a meeting, interviewing for a job, attending a networking event or any other activity that requires clear, effective communication.

Published by Brigantine Media.

Good communication is everyone’s responsibility. And this book shows how to apply scores of techniques from the world of film, TV and theater, so we can all communicate much better. A profound, yet entertaining, read.

Michael Freeborn Founding Partner, Freeborn & Peters

Pulling from real-life case studies, notable literature and authors, and his love of TV, film and live theater, Rob unpacks those insanely hard to master ‘soft skills’ in an entertaining, educational, and wonderfully thought-provoking book!

Bob Kulhan CEO, Business Improvisations LLC

Rob’s experience as an actor and communications professional help drive home the point that communicating is a kind of performance whose success is not measured in applause, but reaction, responsiveness or simple understanding. It’s a great read.

John Keightley Vice President, Development, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Both business and acting have their share of drama, but Act Like You Mean Business captures their intersection perfectly. Whether writing the ‘About Us’ section for a website or checking your fear during a crisis, this practical guide offers lots of practical advice and is like having your very own pocket communicator.

Pete Brace Marketing/Communications Consultant and Former Communications Director, Gatorade

A really fascinating read. I’ve seen many teachers and authors attempt to legitimize the arts in a business context, but Rob really succeeds in a casual, entertaining fashion.

Rob Kozlowski Playwright; Associate Faculty Member, Second City Training Center

Rob’s characteristic savvy and wit come through loud and clear in this insightful and practical handbook for leaders. It’s a great read and even greater resource!

Maril MacDonald Founder and President, Gagen MacDonald

I adore this book; it’s chock full of very useful advice about how to communicate successfully. It should be required reading for every Fortune 500 CEO.

Tim Schellhardt SVP, Edelman Public Relations and former Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal