Now Tweeting: #100SpeakingTips in 100 Days

Presentation Skills: #100SpeakingTips

Want to improve your presentation skills? For the next 100 days, I’ll be tweeting one tip a day designed to help anyone craft and deliver better presentations.

Follow #100SpeakingTips on Twitter

You can follow the hashtag #100SpeakingTips or check out my Twitter feed each morning for the next several months. Tips will include some of my favorite bits of advice gleaned from two decades writing speeches for corporate executives and almost five years delivering my own keynotes and workshops.

I’ll also be highlighting the wisdom of public speaking experts I follow, including Carmine Gallo, Scott Berkun, Nick Morgan, Patricia Fripp, Craig Haddon, John Zimmer, Nancy Duarte, the people at Ethos3 and others.

Saving the World From Bad Presentations, One Tweet at a Time

Possibly the only thing worse than sitting through a bad presentation is being the one inflicting that bad presentation on others. If that’s your worst fear, this day-by-day guide to better presenting is for you.

It’s one more step in my ongoing mission to make the world’s conference rooms and ballrooms safe again for audiences by putting an end once and for all to death by PowerPoint … one Tweet at a time.

Join the Conversation, Starting Today

The #100SpeakingTips project coincides with the second anniversary of my book, 11 Deadly Presentation Sins: A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers, which continues to be a popular guide for beginners and veterans alike.

So join me on Twitter and become part of the conversation. (Workdays only — #100SpeakingTips will be taking weekends and holidays off!) I’d love to hear your tips and any thoughts you have on mine.

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