A Full Week of Storytelling and Communication

Tomorrow morning I embark on a 36-hour marathon of travel and speaking and it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I believe I’m coming down with yet another Teddy-related virus.

I can handle minor illness with a bit of Tylenol Cold and adrenalin, but a scratchy throat could prove to be a real challenge on stage. So I’m loading up on cough drops and Throat Coat tea.

Either way, I’m sharing a ton of important tips this week on how to be a more skilled, confident communicator. Here’s a rundown.

How Acting Can Help Fuel Your Success in Business

Monday: I shared some of my best tips on communication and presentation skills in this interview for the Lubetkin on Communications podcast.

Cut the Clutter From Your Stories

Tuesday: A guest blog post I wrote for the FWD:B2B blog on how to sharpen stories, eliminate the extraneous details and focus on what really matters.

IABC Philly

Sharing Lessons for Success From Stage & Screen with IABC Philly

Wednesday: I’ll be helping an audience of corporate communicators use lessons from the world of acting to think more strategically, better understand what people want, tap into the power of emotion, and become better listeners. It’s for the Philadelphia chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

FWD:B2B Conference

Tips on Storytelling for The FWD:B2B Conference in Philadelphia

Thursday: I’ll be helping an audience of business-to-business marketers find, shape and tell better stories so they can break down walls with their customers, build stronger relationships, and influence them to buy. For the FWD:B2B Conference sponsored by marketing firm Godfrey and the Philadelphia chapter of the Business Marketing Association.

Acting! Thank You!

Friday: A new commercial I shot should debut. I’ve booked several commercials and web videos in the past few weeks for companies including BMO Harris and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here’s one I can share now.

And Saturday shall be a day of rest. And Teddy Time.