Holiday Sale: 11 Deadly Presentation Sins 50% Off!

11 Deadly Presentation Sins CoverA recent study showed that three out of four people who give presentations want to improve their public speaking skills. If that’s true for someone you know — a colleague or customer or maybe yourself — have I got a deal for you!

I’m getting a jump on Black Friday with a half-off sale on 11 Deadly Presentation Sins on Amazon. That means you can get the Kindle ebook for just $4.99 and the paperback for $7.50. (Similar discount applies in other Amazon stores worldwide).

The sale is over in a week, so ACT NOW, as they say.

Praise for 11 Deadly Presentation Sins

It’s been 10 months since 11 Deadly Presentation Sins was published, and reviews continue to come in. Last week, Rich Hopkins at Speak & Deliver gave the book four out of five stars, calling it:

A joy to read, and a great reminder of many of the best strategies I’ve learned over the years. It would make a great airplane read, and makes a good primer for the newbie, and refresher for the crusty old expert.

Among other reviewers, Arment Dietrich CEO Gini Dietrich says:

11 Deadly Presentation Sins helps you with public speaking, no matter your role. Perhaps you are selling new business, motivating a team, or speaking at a conference or trade show. Using his improv training, Rob walks you through how to create energy, develop passion, and keep people coming back for more.

And presentation and body language expert Nick Morgan says:

We’ve all committed the 11 deadly presentation sins on the way up in our careers. This insightful book will help make sure that your way up doesn’t become the way down!

11 Deadly Presentation Sins also earned 23 five-star reviews from Amazon readers. I’m really pleased that reviewer after reviewer called it a “fun” and “entertaining” read. I sought from the start to make this the kind of book I would want to read. Drawing on lessons from Seth Godin and Star Trek, Romeo & Juliet and Ricky Gervais, Steve Jobs and Saturday Night Live, it takes the subject, but not itself, too seriously.

Sales Ends November 30

This is a limited time offer. The prices go back up to $9.99 and $14.95 on November 30.

So consider giving someone you know the gift of improved confidence at the podium. Or buy a copy for yourself. Packed with more than 100 practical, actionable tips, 11 Deadly Presentation Sins is a resource you’ll come back to again and again.

And if you already have your copy, thank you!