11 Deadly Presentation Sins: Watch for Free!

11 Deadly Presentation Sins

Are you stuck in PowerPoint Hell? Or putting others through it? You’ll find absolution here. Check out this free webinar I did for Georgetown University: 11 Deadly Presentation Sins: A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers.

It’s a simple YouTube video, but they don’t enable embedding, so just click here to watch.

I first put these presentation sins together back in May. As I turned that blog post into a book over the past four months, they’ve evolved some.

To get advance notice and a discount when the book is ready, sign up here. You’ll also get my free guide to starting your presentation with a bang instead of a whimper.

Until then, here are the 11 deadly sins as listed in the final Table of Contents:

Sin #1: Failure to Understand Your Audience

It’s not about you. Six questions to ask before you plan your speech.

Sin #2: A Flat Opening

Don’t blow your one and only chance to make a good first impression. Eight ways to start strong and six mistakes that will stop you in your tracks.

Sin #3: Lack of Focus

If you try to say everything, you end up communicating nothing. How to avoid rambling and meandering and droning on and on and on…

Sin #4: Bad Storytelling

Nothing beats a well-told story. How to find, shape, and tell stories that command attention.

Sin #5: No Emotional Pull

If you want to change their minds, you have to win their hearts. Three steps for tapping into the power of emotion.

Sin #6: Dull, Ugly Visuals

Life is a visual medium. Eight tips for creating a picture-perfect presentation.

Sin #7: Low-Energy Delivery

If you’re checked out, your audience will tune out. Eight ways to amp up the energy.

Sin #8: No Audience Interaction

What distinguishes a presentation from other communications is having a live, in-person audience to interact with. So make them a partner in the story you’re telling.

Sin #9: Buying into Myths about Body Language

Forget everything you’ve heard about body language, and focus on the things that matter.

Sin #10: Inadequate Rehearsal

If you’re not going to take this seriously, why should your audience? How to practice for the big day and five tips for making the most of rehearsal time.

Sin #11: A Weak Finish

Go out on a high note. Seven ways to finish strong and five more things to do when you’re done.


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