When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Be Done by Yesterday

If it’s the holidays, then it’s time for the inevitable last-minute emergency projects from clients, bosses and others who are eager to clear out their outboxes at the expense of others’ inboxes.

In honor of the tradition, I whipped this video together a couple of years ago during that 20-minute period when xtra-normal videos were all the rage. Sort of the modern day answer to the old cubicle poster with the angry orangutan on it yelling, “Lack of planning on YOUR part, does not constitute an emergency on MY part!”

It’s occurred to me more recently that this phenomenon could be more than a result of other people’s bad planning. It could be a symptom of a bad relationship. The kind where you’re not in on the ground floor — you’re brought in only as an afterthought.

Never happens to me, of course. *Cough*

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving to U.S. readers. May all your inboxes be clean and uncluttered ’til Monday.