Et tu, Game of Thrones?

Grammar faux pas

So there I was, watching Game of Thrones on the iPad, checking out the “interactive features” for a richer viewing experience, when it hits me right in the face: one of my major grammar/usage pet peeves.

I trust anyone who’s studied my 10 Everyday Words You’re Misusing post either on this blog or in its humor-neutered version online recognizes the important difference between “memento” and “momento.”

I certainly don’t blame Tyrion, the smartest person in all of Westeros. When he bestowed this family memento on Ros he had no idea it would be mistaken by others for the Spanish word for moment. Certainly Cersei wasn’t confused, much to Ros’s misfortune.

And THAT is the last grammar/usage post for, um … a good while. Promise.

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