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Via Phil Konstantin
Via Phil Konstantin

It seems a new article appears somewhere every week validating the premise of the book.

On Sunday, Maureen Dowd did a column about Jerry Brown’s return to the Governor’s mansion in California. Here’s a particularly interesting insight:

Noting that he followed actors into the Statehouse twice, Brown observes: “A lot of this is theater. How do you communicate to 38 million people? You’re not sitting down talking to them. So it’s gesture, symbol, the narrative, the drama. Who’s the protagonist? Who’s the antagonist?”

Then there was this one in the Economist that mentioned a new book, The Fine Art of Success, with a similar premise. Relevant quote:

Studying the arts can help businesspeople communicate more eloquently. Most bosses spend a huge amount of time “messaging” and “reaching out,” yet few are much good at it. Their prose is larded with clichés and garbled with gobbledegook. Half an hour with George Orwell’s “Why I Write” would work wonders. Many of the world’s most successful businesses are triumphs of story-telling more than anything else.

Great minds and all that.